Cartoon Character Development & Design

Cartoon Character Development & Design

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Cartoon character development and design will provide the structure needed to create a viable character for illustration and animation. This course will include the fundamentals to get started, character development, concept and roughs then onto design.

The fundamentals will cover the types of characters, an understanding of basic shapes and how they can be used to show dimension and direction. As well as a focus on the simplified structure of the body.

Character development will then look at how to create the most important aspect of a character… personality. Before our first pencil sketch, we need to develop a unique personality. Understanding the characters purpose and backstory will aid in creating personality traits for which behaviour is based.

Once we understand who our character is, then we can begin the rough and often messy process of concepting. Here we translate personality into a collection of ideas that bring our character to life.

Bringing it all together, we combine the development and concept stages to create a rendered design for the character. A complete design will produce rendered art for a 1) character turnaround, 2) expression sheet and 3) model sheet.